Saturday, September 15, 2007


Certainly we're not the first to sing the hosannas of the Swedish retailer, but let us join the fray -- Ikea's a great way to spend a day, with decent grub, a magical children's playroom and lots and lots and lots of cheap, well-designed furnishings.

The aforementioned playroom, called Smaland by the Swedes for some reason, is a supervised, free daycare-type place. Be ready to wait in line with your potty-trained child from 37" to 54", you're handed a beeper (in case of meltdowns) and your critter is allowed in a truly cool-looking kiddie wonderland. But even if that wasn't there, the kids furniture section -- with its tunnels between the various display dream rooms -- is a playground all of its own. The food, including the retailers famed Swedish meatballs, is decent, inexpensive cafeteria fare. Oh, and I almost forgot the excellent restrooms, with kid-sized sinks and easy chairs for nursing mamas. Parents, they want your business. We kept on thinking how cool it would be if all retailers courted our dollars so fervently.

Take the MAX Red line on out to Cascade Station and make a day of it. Even if you just get a lamp and some candles (like us) an excellent day can be had by all.
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Wende Morgaine said...

Its called Smaland, I think in part because its where IKEA was founded. It literally means "small lands." Maybe they enjoy the play on words, with children being small and all. :)

Also, interesting, people from Smaland are known in Sweden for being particularly economical. :)

By the way, your blog has helped so many parents! Thank you!