Monday, October 15, 2007


If you find yourself this fall needing an outing but not knowing where to go, walk the park blocks. With plenty of attractions along the way for your kids to crawl on including the Portland Art Museum's particularly climbable sculpture, the Museum for Contemporary Craft (free, but plenty of breakables), a playground close to Powell's, and a path right through the middle which makes it easy to allow the kids to run and play with plenty of room to spare away from traffic. Beautiful statuary, leaves, water fountains and benches, what more do you need (besides a bagel break?)
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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Encourage children to climb on art - why teach them about keeping such valuable and important objects for future generations to enjoy when they can tear it up right now!

Anonymous said...

Apparently anon has not spent time around metal, or has children with lazer fire vison that can somehow tear metal up. Better left to the acid rain.

More to the point -- we only wish we had the confidence to post sarcastic, self-aggrandizing, politically correct comments on children's blogs. It helps everyone to know the community you speak to has only negative things to say about your family outings.

ddt/pdx said...

Our children do indeed have lazer fire vision and the entire Portland Art Museum is no more, save for the Lichtenstein monstrosity. Our apologies.

JM said...

The kids should have laser blasted the Lichtenstein thing as well to save future generations from seeing that ugly thing.